What do you need to attend training?



Safety is, and will remain one of the most important aspects of training with us. No unsafe action will be acceptable, please work with us in this regard.

Safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hands.
— Jeff Cooper

An open mind

Willingness to learn is essential. 

Attending training with an open mind aids in learning, be receptive of what the instructor is teaching you and try it "their way" during the training. It may be different to your way of doing things but may also be superior. If they are teaching a specific method, there is a reason for it. Feel free to ask why they teach a specific method and not another.

It is up to you to choose the best method for yourself AFTER you have completed the training.

Science at its best is an open-minded method of inquiry, not a belief system.
— Rupert Sheldrake

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE is non-negotiable at all our training events and must be worn when required.

This includes eye and ear protection for the duration of firearms training and potentially gum guards during open hand and edged weapons training.

Clothing suitable for the training at hand, as well as thermal layers for colder climates are highly recommended. Remember the sunscreen.

You are responsible for your own PPE, but feel free to arrange with us up front should you not be able to and we'll try to assist where possible.

Precaution is better than cure.

Training Equipment

You are responsible for your own training equipment for each course, unless otherwise specified in the event description.

This includes but is not limited to firearms, ammunition, holsters, training knives, batons, flashlights etc.

Please make sure all equipment is in a serviceable and safe to use state before arriving at training.

Please make arrangements up front should you require assistance with equipment and we'll assist where possible.

The Mission Drives The Gear.

Food and drink

You need to stay hydrated and keep energy levels up during training, please ensure that you bring enough water and food to sustain yourself for the duration.

We try to keep up to date info on the availability of food and drinks at training venues, but cannot guarantee availability.